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Adonian Court of Justice (ACJ)

The primary judicial branch of the Adonian Community. Its main functions are to settle legal disputes submitted to it by states and to provide advisory opinions on legal questions submitted to it by duly authorized international branches, agencies, and the AC International Parliament.

Cases, Registry
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International Parliament

One of the principal organs of the Adonian Community, its powers are to oversee the budget of the Adonian Community, receive reports from other parts of the Adonian Community and make recommendations in the form of International Parliamentary Resolutions.

Adonian Assembly, Council of Heads of State, Office of the Secretary-General, Security Council
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Regional Communities

Northern Fosian Assembly, Northeastern Fosian Assembly, Northwestern Fosian Assembly, Southeastern Fosian Assembly, Southwestern Fosian Assembly, Northeastern Kaftian Assembly, Northwestern Kaftian Assembly, Southern Kaftian Assembly, Central Illypnian Assembly, Eastern Illypnian Assembly, Northern Illypnian Assembly, Southern Illypnian Assembly
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Member States

Membership in the Adonian Community is open to all other peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the Charter of the Adonian Community and, in the judgment of the Community, are able and willing to carry out these obligations. The admission of any such state to membership in the Adonian Community will be effected by a decision of the International Parliament.

Kaftia, Illypnia, Fosia, Continent 4, Continent 5
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Non-member sovereign states are free to submit a petition to join as a full member at their discretion. The petition is then evaluated by the International Parliament.