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Varkana - Senaki Fortress

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Events happening at the Senaki Fortress

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Location: Main Hall
Day/Time: 1st of the Month of Poseidon, Year 7571 AC (1 January 1000) | 0:05 AM (VST)
Wearing: Varkan nobility dress from the era
Content: New Year Speech
Tagging: Open (to Varkans and foreign diplomats)

They were aplenty in the Main Hall of the famed Senaki Fortress in the heart of the Varkan homeland. Near the fortress' walls flowed freely the Alazani river, the cradle of Varkan culture and its people, discharging its water from the Dalian Mountains to the Iremian Sea. Elene's court was comprising mostly Varkan nobles and a few Hierkikon spies, courtesy of her husband's entourage. She always appeared amiable to them while keeping them in the dark. Hierkikon was an important ally in the Dinarides, but Aetolians had feeble alliances in this day and age. Letting her husband gain influence in her court was not something she would let happen, therefore keeping his favorites happy but contained was the best approach. That also included keeping tabs on her dear husband and the men and women he allowed in his bed while she was working. If anything, Tavros would have been a more reliable ally than Hierkikon, but their interests clashed, as the Battle of Klow that ended the year before demonstrated. Alexander VIII had sent a diplomat to her court and she had done the same to his to remind each other of the truce they had signed. The Klovian coast had become Varkan, but the population was still predominantly Aetolian, which was a challenge.

Her Hand (ie Chancellor), Giorgi Sologashvili, approached her silently and inclined his head politely before speaking.

Giorgi Sologashvili: "Your Grace."

Elene Ochokochi: "I know, Giorgi... Can't you do it for me?"

Sologashvili remained silent and the glimpse of a smile appeared on his face momentarily. Elene had only ruled for a little bit more than three years and she had never enjoyed public speaking. She sighed, putting a hand on Sologashvili's shoulder. He cleared his throat and faced the assembled guests in the Main Hall.

Giorgi Sologashvili: "Attention! Her Grace will now speak!"

All conversations stopped and heads turned towards Elene, eyes piercing her soul from a distance, eyes she faced head on, her chin raised and confident.

Elene Ochokochi: "May we be blessed by Zeus in this new year. It is my honor to welcome you all in Senaki and share my roof and table." A forced smile appears on her face as she looks around at her guests. "The realm has expanded over the last year, and some restructuring needs to be done in the Klovian communes. A tax reduction will be granted for the year in order to help the Klovian communes to rebuild. I trust our lords and ladies of the Klovian Coast will - to the best of their ability - do everything they can to help the realm." She pauses, allowing them time to digest the information. "For now, please enjoy the feast and celebrate as we must. Glory to the gods and to Varkana!"

The attendees applauded politely as Elene finished her simple speech, now mingling among her court.

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